Residential Direct Entry Apprenticeship

Carpenter's Local 254 Residential Direct Entry Apprenticeship Program is designed to help non-member carpenters transition into one of the best careers in the building and construction industry. Our program seeks to recruit non-member carpenters with prior experience in both the light commercial and residential markets. 

To be considered for the Direct Entry Apprenticeship Program you must have prior exeperience in the carpentry industry.  In addition, once accepted you must meet the follwing criteria to be considered for evaluation into the standard commercial apprentice program:

  1. 2 years & 3000 hours of work related experince as a Union Member under our CBA
  2. Must meet and complete the entire curriculum or evaluate to those standards during the Direct Entry period
  3. you will be limited to working on both residential and blended rate projects
  4. Finally you must provide the local union with proper documentation verifying your work history under the CBA

To be considered for the Residential Direct Entry Program please call 973-522-1500.